hema welding solutions


hema welding solutions

We give your process the right eyes -
so that your quality becomes visible.


Quality assurance in the welding process with intelligent camera systems

Do you want to increase your productivity? Improve processing quality in your production and reduce rework quotas? Do you want to reduce lead times? Do you want to make your work easier and faster by using new technologies? Do you want to automate and establish intelligent self-controlling processes?

The seelectorICAM weld intelligent camera system from hema electronic for visualising welding processes will support you in realising these goals. We provide you with tried and tested systems, customer-specific development and industrial image processing at the highest level.

Visualization WIG welding

TIG welding

Visualization Microplasma welding

Microplasma welding

Plasma powder welding

Plasma powder welding

"World-class images" down to the last detail - support the optimisation of welding processes, cutting processes and laser material processing

seelectorICAM High Dynamic Range video camera used in welding technology

seelectorICAM weld on the welding system

seelectorICAM LASER in laser material processing on robots

seelectorICAM LASER in laser material processing on robots

Quality assurance during welding means: 

  • Optical control on the monitor. This relieves the burden on the operator and might even save staff, because several camera images are displayed simultaneously from different positions.
  • Automated functions with industrial image processing. Finding gaps and measurement, monitoring the weld pool, measuring the weld bead, analysing and measuring the heat trace - all of this is possible!
  • Special solutions for tasks with unique requirements, e.g. with strict safety requirements, difficult space conditions or with a very high degree of automation.

Our camera systems will lead you to success:

  • 100% live inspection of every weld
  • Viewing the entire brightness range without blending "renders every detail visible"
  • Determining the welding parameters for optimum control of the welding process
  • Documentation with video recording
  • Robot interfaces for direct control

We would be happy to demonstrate this industrial camera system to you directly in your facilities.



You can find out more about our video systems and their applications here:

seelectorICAM weld HDR video camera for quality assurance during welding

seelectorICAM weld
Our standard for visualisation

seelectorICAM LASER quality assurance system for laser remote welding in car body construction

seelectorICAM LASER - Ideal for laser remote processes

seelectorICAM HD1 and HD2 Intelligent high-performance camera for all lighting conditions

seelectorICAM HD1 und HD2 Our standard for visualisation

seelector ICAM HD4 Intelligent high-performance camera with high-speed DSP and highly dynamic CMOS image sensor

seelectorICAM HD4 - Compact and ideal for robot guidance