Embededded Vision

Numerous industries and applications rely on hema solutions and know-how

Embededded Vision

Flexible, intelligent and modular - 
video platforms from hema


Competence and capacity for your projects

Vision systems for harsh environments require special solutions. Portable machines along with vehicles for use by authorities and in special industrial operations are the focus of our work. We support our customers from the concept stage through to series production, and have more than 25 years of experience in projects that involve video systems. In many projects, we combine the individual system design with the hema modular platform approach. The diverse solutions that we have developed for our customers during this time are impressive across the board. 

Generating enthusiasm for the project and the discipline to create effective solutions is our contribution to your success. We present a small selection of topics here.

Current Use Cases: References for Embedded Vision

Use-Case Multisignal Processing Reference Mainboard

Multi-signal processing: Embedded vision system for the connection and data fusion of numerous sensors

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Use-Case Video-Distribution-Unit Platine

Video Distribution Unit: Development of an Optronic System for Wheeled Vehicles in Defence Applications

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Use-Case Retrofit Referenz Mainboard

Economical modernisation of an existing infrastructure without complete replacement

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Optronic systems for security technology, defence & aviation

Optronics, sensor systems and monitoring in both civilian and security technology are extremely sensitive fields. Responsible support and the experience in building these systems are what sets us apart. Typical project tasks that we take on in that area are:

  • Video multiplexing, video management
  • Graphic overlay, multi-sensor systems
  • Secure data transfer, analogue and digital sensor integration, ultra-low latency, digital signal processing
  • Display technology: LED, OLED, head-up displays
  • Robust design
  • Device and system design
  • Series support > 15 years

We carry out all of these developments at our location in Southern Germany.

OLED micro-display image overlay in surveillance systems

Sensor fusion of different image sources and image-in-image mode

Modular video matrix with 6-18 video channels and real-time capability (ultra-low latency with h.265)

Industrial automation / machine vision

Special video cameras for tomorrow's production. In case an off-the-shelf system does not meet requirements, we take on the necessary tasks of conception and development. Integration of special sensors and the optimisation of data transfer are typical tasks.

  • Development of sensor boards for CMOS, IR and other sensors
  • Adaptation of sensor modules for constructing individual cameras
  • Video management and video transfer
  • Multi-sensor systems
  • Interfaces for control and data transfer
  • Software and algorithms
  • Housing and system design

CMOS HDR video camera for quality assurance in car body construction

Digital video recorder with a variable number of channels for use in harsh environments

Miniature camera for robot-guided inspection

seelectorICAM HO1 Intelligente Kamera für industrielle Anwendungen in rauer Umgebung

Intelligent camera for industrial applications in harsh environments 

Referenz Mainboard Xilinx Kria SoM K26 TSN Videomodul

Referenzdesign TSN - Time Sensitive Networks mit Xilinx Kria SoM K26

Video design - visual intelligence in the product

hema has many years of experience in the design and development of embedded video systems in a variety of markets including security, industry, and defence technology. We focus on product development of image and video systems such as:

  • Image sensors and cameras
  • Image and video capture, storage and distribution
  • Image and video processing and analytics
  • Image and video displays

Low-latency video matrix for radio based video broadcast applications (FPGA platform)

Graphic overlay video module for industrial endoscopy

seelectorICAM HD5 Intelligente Hochleistungskamera mit erweiterter Computing Power und hoher Auflösung

Intelligent high-performance camera with extended computing power and high resolution

Analogue and digital signal processing for test & measurement

We process signals from a large number of sensors and subsystems with our DSP and FPGA-based systems. In addition to video sensors, modern automation has a large number of different sensors that are evaluated in order to make complex systems more secure and more independent. The highest signal quality with analogue and digital sources forms the basis of precise measuring systems - that's what we ensure!

Analogue measured data acquisition and evaluation

Sensor data acquisition and transfer for radar systems (FPGA platform)

Infrastructure and mobile systems

Existing infrastructure has different technology levels for the installed devices. For the integration of new and modern technologies and devices, a dual system must be designed while also taking into consideration the technology and resulting requirements. As modern and as digital as possible, and at the same time backwards-compatible and maintainable.

  • Cameras for mobile machines, autonomous vehicles
  • Video systems for the remote control of vehicles and drones
  • Integration of existing analogue and digital infrastructure
  • Conception of flexible modular systems: 19 inch technology
  • Wearable devices with GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN, ...

Video multiplexer for wireless video transmission in railway technology

Robust HDR video camera for mining and mobile machines

Portable emergency call and security detector with GPS and SIM card

MESH WLAN router for harsh environments

HDR video camera for car test vehicles