Visual intelligence for your products


Visual intelligence for your products

Implementing your ideas and concepts into hardware and software is our job.


Speed and precision with a modular platform

Range of services electronic production at hema electronic

Take advantage of our broad project experience. Having the right technology partner such as hema is an important step on the road to a successful product. Our team of experienced developers supports clients from the concept stage right through to series release. 

  • System design and architecture
  • Board & system design
  • FPGA & microcontroller design
  • Software development
  • Embedded software development

We attach special importance to a holistic approach to your task. The concept and the path towards a solution ensure that the desired results are achieved. Bottlenecks are avoided and the system is balanced to deliver both performance and efficiency. We simply make it work.

How you can collaborate with hema

We are happy to take on all aspects of product development, from the concept phase right through to production. The decisive factor is what contribution you would like us to make:

  • Design & architecture consultation
  • Product development & system design
  • Reengineering & retrofitting

You decide for each project how to make best use of your available time and funds. We complement your project accordingly with our competences and the services of our trustworthy long-standing partners, along with our own effective project management of course. A scrum, agile or individual approach according to your needs - we'll adapt to it.

Your success is our top priority. That's what we're there for.

Layout Embedded Vision Board

Circuit diagram

Layout representation of an FPGA video board

PCB Layout

Unprinted circuit board ready for assembly

Unprinted circuit board

That is what we have worked on for a long time:
Visual intelligence - the development of embedded vision systems

Making systems and devices intelligent so that they are better at performing your tasks is what drives us. Whether it's quality assurance in industry or security on train platforms or at national borders, these are all tasks that involve an increasing demand for performance in detection. Images must be acquired, processed and transferred. An operator, or these days also a system possessing artificial intelligence, is supplied with data in line with your requirements. The desired actions and applications for further video processing are then based on this.

  • Video encoding & streaming: h.264, h.265
  • Video technology: analog & digital
  • Low latency video transmission
  • Video multiplexing: 2K, 4K, 8K
  • Graphic overlay in real time
  • DVR digital video recording
  • EVB intelligent video management unit
  • Embedded image acquisition & processing
  • Interfaces: GigE Vision, SDI, HDMI, DP, MIPI, CameraLink, PCI Express, TSN, USB
  • CMOS sensor technologie with HDR up to 170 dB dynamic range
  • Sensor fusion: infrared, stereo, daylight, night vision
  • Robust system design for mobile applications
  • Long-term availability of the systems & obsolescence management


As the demands placed on the systems increase, so do their performance requirements and complexity. Using state-of-the-art technologies and development tools, our clients and us drive the capabilities of the systems to even greater heights. In order for this to work, we are involved on a daily basis with developments in the technology market, and skillfully implement them.

However, as much as we love progress, it should not be forgotten that an effective combination of existing and new technologies, together with the creative ideas of development engineers often delivers the more economically appropriate solution.

With leading technologies plus common sense, we achieve our goals TOGETHER.

Analog & digital circuit technology:

  • FPGA, ARM, DSP & microcontrollers
  • Interfaces for data, video & communication
  • Sensors for image & data acquisition
  • Power supply


Platform and system design

Designing electronic systems for our clients is our passion. We approach the job with both enthusiasm and discipline. Hand in hand, designs and prototypes emerge step by step from ideas. Once tested and optimized, these are soon followed by the first series devices. To experience how our clients proudly present their solutions and to see the smiles on their faces is the moment that makes it all worthwhile for us.

The results are:

  • FPGA-based embedded vision platforms
  • Video processing units
  • Video cameras
  • Individual modules
  • Devices & systems

Find out more about this under the heading

Embedded Vision Board with Mercury-XU9-Modul from Enclustra

Embedded vision board

Hardware and FPGA design

We support our clients from the idea to the finished layout. Advice on the design and layout of the system are essential to the quality of the finished modules. We actively involve our clients in every step. Coordination and approval ensure highly precise project success.

  • Concept & feasibility studies
  • Architectural consultancy: concept, system design of individual systems & modular, scalable platforms
  • FPGA & microcontroller design: system design, configuration of modular systems
  • Hardware development: circuit diagramm, component selection, layout
  • Sensor systems
  • Interfaces: CAN bus, RS485, RS232, GigE, USB
  • Simulation: analog & digital
  • Test & commissioning: creation of test specifications & test documents, test & documentation
  • Test systems & software: design of suitable test systems for prototypes & series production
  • Documentation: suitable to customer requirements and project specification
  • Qualification: supervision of approvals, test & commissioning, SIL projects
  • "Turnkey" handover to the client: the all-round package in your hands & safe in the knowledge that hame will always be there to help
  • IP core development & integration
  • XILINX partnership: MPSoC, Zynq-Ultrascale+
  • Modular platform with Enclustra FPGA modules
  • Implementation in VHDL, Verilog, HLS
  • Top level & functional verification
  • High level synthesis
  • FPGA mapping & validation
  • Low power design

Embedded software development

The development of embedded software is one of our core activities. We take on a variety of programming tasks depending on your requirements. We feel at home with all aspects of FPGAs, microcontrollers and ARM processors.

  • Requirements management and specification
  • Algorithmic development including SHA
  • Data streaming wired/wireless, dynamic bandwith adaption
  • Linux board support packages
  • Boot loader & kernel porting
  • Interface driver development
  • Programming languages: C, C++, embedded Linux
  • Video codecs & sub-frame low latency
  • Video distribution, compression & streaming
  • KI integration &neuronal networks (CNN)
  • Test bench, verification, debugging
  • Overall system performance design
  • Documentation
  • FOSS test

We´ll support you in testing, documentation and qualification, just as you require.

As soon as we've worked through our concept, I prefer to call hema and clarify the best possible implementation approach with their specialists. Hardware design, software architecture and manufacturability are solved together quickly and competently.
Director systems development of a southern German optronics manufacturer