Our services for you


Our services 
for you

Design service, technology partner, brainstormer - how much do you need?


Understanding customers and planning well

Identifying the right task to solve for is the essential beginning for design strategy. The hema design process is geared towards receiving, understanding and conceptualising your requirements and those of your customers. The strategy for developing the task is determined in collaboration with you. Modular platforms or product-specific implementation each offer special advantages that need to be used in a targeted manner. Understanding and effective incorporation are key.


Overview of hema development services and manufacturing services Embedded Vision Design

Hardware development, procurement and production planning are closely interlinked to deliver ideal product properties. Software development for firmware and applications works hand-in-hand with your specialists. We implement your projects effectively. Our experienced engineers and our proven agile project management system take care of that.


Good reasons for choosing hema:


Because as a client, I get access to new technology.


Because I have a strategic partner on an equal footing.

Design competence

Because the level of competence in the field of embedded vision is extremely high.


Because I'm sure that hema will work on my project with the same level of commitment as I do.


Because hema gives me the opportunity to grow and learn with the project.


Because the solutions enable strategically long-term product series.


Because that's where I get the competence and capacity for my development projects.


Because modular concepts and platforms deliver strategic advantages.


Because I can pick up my project again and continue it at any time.


Because I am offered a flexible range of services and suitable partners.

Development and production

Because short project times and combined production speed up my projects.



Because working with hema is simple, reliable and effective.

  • Are you curious about how we can support you in your tasks?
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  • Are you a developer, product manager, purchaser, supplier or simply interested in our technologies?

If so, find out here about how we can expertly provide development, production and customer-specific products for your success!

Circuit diagram creation and layout of customer-specific hardware systems

Electronics development
Hardware and Software for your project.

View into the circuit board assembly at hema electronic

Electronics production
From the prototype through to series support.

seelectorICAM LASER quality assurance system with intelliWELD laser and FANUC robot

Video cameras for quality assurance.