seelectorICAM Bildungspaket - Schweißprozesse visualisieren für effizientere Lehre und Ausbildung

Visualize welding processes - for more efficient teaching and training  

seelectorICAM educational package

  • ideal for live demonstrations
  • shows processes, interrelationships and sources of errors during welding
  • exclusively for educational institutions and training companies
seelectorICAM Bildungspaket - Kameraschutzgehäuse mit Schwanenhals-Halterung und Leder-Überzugsschlauch

Show your future welding specialists what matters!  

Digital learning made easy: Live display of welding processes

Welding processes have a major influence on the quality of the workpieces produced. At the same time, until now it was hardly possible to show pupils, students and trainees in a simple and understandable way how the individual steps of the welding process should ideally look and how to recognize deviations. For this purpose, hema electronic has developed the seelectorICAM educational package. 

It puts on display

  • ignition spark
  • weld seam
  • weld pool
  • feed wire
  • welding flame

and can be used in teaching as well as for comprehensive experiments and research. For this purpose, a camera records live images of the welding process and displays them with high contrast and best resolution on a monitor.

The educational package consists of:

  • seelectorICAM HD4 camera with remote sensor head in full industrial package
  • software package
  • robust camera housing
  • light and flexible gooseneck mounting kit
  • leather cover tube

It is ready for immediate use and can be attached to any handheld welding torch.

seelectorICAM Bildungspaket - Schweißprozess-Visualisierung auf dem Monitor

Extremely high contrast welding videos for

  • live analysis
  • teaching
  • exam preparation
  • etc.

The camera is mounted at a distance of 10 cm to 20 cm from the flame and is nevertheless optimally protected. The welding process can then be viewed in real time via a monitor. In addition to the supplied C-mount lens with a focal length of 16 mm, other optics with a focal length of 35 mm or 50 mm can also be used. 

Due to its high dynamic range of 170 dB, the camera creates extremely high-contrast images, even in very bright and very dark areas. It is suitable for the visualization of all welding processes such as

  • MAG, MIG and laser welding
  • plasma, TIG welding
  • electron steel welding processes

With the help of the software, which is part of the educational package, the camera can be preset on a Windows PC. In addition, welding processes can be recorded via the program and used for training and documentation purposes. For a quick start, hema includes a Quickstart Guide.

Proven in practice 

seelectorICAM educational package is use at the bfi Styria

"We use the seelectorICAM educational package to broadcast images from the welding table to a TV in the auditorium, and thus for all apprentices at the same time. In addition, we can record the welding processes and use the videos several times. This saves us a lot of time and effort in our welding training. In practical use, my colleagues and I are very impressed by the ease of operation and the comprehensive functions."

Martin Ernst, specialist trainer in the field of welding technology
bfi Styria at the Leoben training center

High-quality components for educational use

Choose the perfect equipment

  • seelectorICAM HD4 in a full industrial package
  • robust camera housing
  • clamp hose kit with gooseneck
  • leather cover hose
  • VGA connection for external monitor


  • seelectorICAM HD4 in a full industrial package
  • robust camera housing
  • clamp hose kit with gooseneck
  • leather cover hose
  • 31.5 inch HDR monitor


  • seelectorICAM HD4 in a full industrial package
  • robust camera housing
  • clamp hose kit with gooseneck
  • leather cover hose
  • extra large 65 inch HDR screen
  • 1h expert consultation


Your task: Train welding efficiently ...

... our service: 
Live visualization of the process!  

With the seelectorICAM you can optimally visualize the welding process, even at positions difficult to access and for many spectators. The observation takes place comfortably on the external monitor. Video recordings enable the best possible transfer of know-how, even more precise analyses and conclusions from the process to the workpiece.

As if all participants were welding themselves, with perfect representation of:

  • arc
  • electrode
  • molten pool
  • seam
  • weld gap
  • solidifying melt


  • brightness dynamics up to 170 dB
  • frame rate approx. 30 frames / second
  • direct VGA connection: display on monitor
  • network connection via Ethernet


Suitable for industrial use:

  • compact and robust
  • extended temperature range
  • low power consumption


  • flexible and user-friendly
  • comfortable user interface
  • extensive software options

Example videos of the welding process visualization 

The software tool ICAM view ... 

... intuitive operation, detailed analysis

The ICAM view software tool displays the acquired image on the monitor. The image can be analyzed and various information can be retrieved:

  • automatic brightness adjustment
  • variable camera resolution
  • image mirroring horizontally and vertically
  • superimposition of a crosshair
  • scene-dependent contrast switching
  • single image and video recording
  • playback of recordings 

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