Smart camera technology


Smart camera technology

Special camera for demanding applications - for visualisation and autonomous robot guidance


Robotics - Welding technology - Quality assurance

The seelectorICAM product range was designed for professional use in industrial image processing. Quick commissioning, reliable error detection and high acceptance among operators support the reliability of your production processes.

  • CMOS technology with extremely high brightness dynamics
  • Intelligent cameras with DSP and FPGA
  • Robust and compact for simple integration
  • Simple and safe to use

As embedded vision experts, we have all the know-how for developing client-specific vision systems from sensors to displays. We would be happy to advise you on your planned solution. 

seelectorICAM Education Package

Exclusively for educational institutions and training facilities

Teaching welding efficiently with live images directly from the process

Welding process monitoring and strength assessment with seelectorICAM

Weld seam with actice arc

Only an optimal representation of the weld pool using high-dynamic video images is suitable for setting up, monitoring and evaluating the welding process.

Laser remote welding in car body construction

Laser weld seam with image evaluation algorithm

High-dynamic image sensors for extreme lighting conditions allow recording and evaluation, and are suitable for optical monitoring of laser material processing in vehicle body construction.

seelectorICAM LASER TWIN system for laser material processing

Client-specific camera system for laser remote welding

The camera systems are modular and can be individually adapted to client-specific requirements.