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hema Defence Solutions


hema Defence Solutions
Development | Production | Lifecycle

Complex developments for military technology require a lot of time and resources - or a partner and co-thinker who understands your requirements, contributes their expertise effectively and leads your mission to joint success.

We would like to offer you this cooperation as a development partner for all-round vision and focussing systems, optronic solutions, video management units and other electronics for signal data processing that are used in military vehicles, frigates, submarines or army infrastructure.

For which application do you need modular electronics that shorten your time to series production and save costs, even with highly complex requirements?

Optronics and video units for:

  1. Day and night vision camera systems
  2. Driving and targeting systems
  3. Real-time image processingwith low latency
  4. OLED mini monitor units
  5. Signal processing units
  6. Graphic overlays
  7. Periscope technology
  8. Sensor units

Case-Study: Customized Embedded Vision Defence Solutions

hema electronics recently developed a video distribution unit for a German OEM providers’
Driver Vision System, that is being implemented in tracked and wheeled armed vehicles. It
is battle-tank approved and features scalability for upgrades and product variants.

Download Case-Study

hema in the Defence Branche

Focus on Defence
Vehicle manufacturers & system houses
Industry expertise
Member BDSV | Exhibitor at traid fairs | Profitable network
Wealth of experience 
45 years of electronics | +30 years of defence | >150,000 assemblies in the field
Expert contributions | Panel discussions
Video management with FPGA
AMD PREMIER PARTNER | Vision Components | SoCe | MakarenaLabs
+30 years series support | Product lifecycle management

Everything from a single source

Development – Production – Lifecycle management

Embedded vision hardware and software

Modulare FPGA platform

years of electronics
years in the defence industry
assemblies in the field


Obsolescence and procurement management

Reactive OM

Action after receiving an EOL message

-> Increased risk
-> Short reaction time


  • Last time buy
  • Long-term storage
  • Form Fit Function
  • Redesign
  • Development of a sustainable design for development projects

Proactive OM

Action before receiving an EOL message

-> Early warning
-> Long periodofaction


  • Testing of all components incl. risk assessment of the components
  • Lifecycle analysis of parts lists already in the development phase
  • Partnerships and contracts with manufacturers and suppliers
  • Electronic monitoring of key components
  • Regular coordination with customers
  • + Reactive OM

Strategic OM

Long-term strategy: regular forecast and cost analysis over the entire life cycle; already in the development phase

-> Forward-lookingaction
-> Maximum security


  • Checking of current re-procurement times
  • Second source strategy
  • Management of stock levels
  • +Reactive OM
  • +Proactive OM

hema design system - 3 layer model 

Design of embedded vision systems usingalready created design blocks

Layer 3: Software - Application Layer Customer-specific SW applications for differentapplication ranges

Layer 2: Software / IP Cores
Software functions for data preparation, data processing and handling

Layer 1: Hardware
Hardware Processor, memory and logic units,various interfaces and voltage supplyelements (Circuit diagram / layout)

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