Partners and memberships


Partners and memberships

Complex tasks require strong partners -
we are involved in associations and work together with competent partner companies.


More than the sum of the individual parts

What would James Bond be without Q, a superhero without a team, a successful company without its environment? Certainly not that succesfull!

That's why we at hema have been thinking about with whom we should join forces to achieve more together. We select top companies so that together we can offer you optimum benefits.

Xilinx FPGA distributor

Das Xilinx-Partnerprogramm ist ein weltweites Ecosystem aus qualifizierten Unternehmen, die Acceleration-Lösungen, IP-Cores, Design Services sowie Board-Entwicklung und -Produktion anbieten. Ecosystem Partner helfen Systemdesignern bei der schnellen Integration von Xilinx FPGAs, SoCs, 3DICs, geistigem Eigentum und softwaredefinierten Lösungen. Sie bieten bewährte Produkte und fachkundige Designunterstützung von der Chipebene bis hin zur vollständigen schlüsselfertigen Produktentwicklung, die die Zeit bis zur Produktion komplexer elektronischer Systeme beschleunigt.

Xilinx FPGA Hersteller

Founded in Oct. 1990, Dalian Auto Tech is a leading high tech enterprise specialized in BIW equipment planning, design, fabrication and system integration headquartered China. It covers the area of 100,000 ㎡ including A and B districts with floor area of 70,000 ㎡.

With adherence to ISO9001, 2000 QMS and ISO14001 EMS, DLAT for many years has committed itself to standardized operation with efficient management, advanced technology, stringent specification, providing professional BIW line integration solutions for customers in Germany, America, Japan and other regions.

Enclustra FPGA Solutions

Enclustra is a dynamic, innovative and successful FPGA design service company located in Zürich, Switzerland. With the FPGA Design Center, Enclustra provides services covering the whole range of FPGA-based system development: From high-speed hardware or HDL firmware through to embedded software, from specification and implementation through to prototype production.

In the FPGA Solution Center, Enclustra develops and markets highly-integrated FPGA modules, SoMs and FPGA-optimized IP cores. By specializing in forward-looking FPGA technology, and with a broad application knowledge, Enclustra can offer ideal solutions at minimal expense in many areas.


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Exchanging experience and peeking beyond the horizon are a matter of course for us. Learning and growing are basic values for us and the basis of our success.

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