Ultra Low Latency Streaming From recording to display under 35 ms under 35 ms

From recording to display under 35 ms

At the SPS in Nuremberg hemɑ electronic presents for the first time a new ultra low latency streaming demo for video transmissions in real time.

On a specially developed embedded vision board hema electronic is one of the first users ever to use the ultra low latency 10bit 4:2:2 SDI video subsystem from Xilinx, the leading company for FPGAs and SoCs for adaptive and intelligent computing from the USA. Also used were an XU8 and an XU9 module from the Swiss FPGA module specialist Enclustra, cooperation partner of hema electronic.

With ultra-short latency times of less than 35 ms at 60 frames per second from image acquisition to display on screens, the demo shows ideal application possibilities for multi-stream or multi-view. Typical fields of application are in image processing, in the control of machines, plants and vehicles as well as in video surveillance and real-time video communication for augmented reality application scenarios.

Visit us at the SPS at the Xilinx booth no. 558 in hall 4 and let us show you the new demo!

hema at SPS 2019 Ultra Low Latency Streaming

We proudly present our highlight at the SPS:

The video electronics platform with the brand new Ultra Low Latency Streaming Software