Trigger Booster - signal processor for reliable trigger signals

Electromagnetic interference in the environment of production facilities can represent an enormous challenge for reliable trigger signals: They disturb the signal transmission and thus lead to falsified camera recordings.

With increasing automation, the interference increases further. Poor grounding in the system, unsuitable cable routing - the causes of electromagnetic interference are many and varied. However, the effects on camera-based process monitoring are always the same: the trigger signal is disturbed, the trigger source generates an insufficient signal for the camera, resulting in delayed or multiple camera recordings, and the recordings are falsified and therefore not valid.

hema electronic has provided for the increasing requirements and developed the Trigger Booster for the seelectorICAM. For a reliable image evaluation a single trigger signal at the right moment is needed. In order to guarantee this in an environment with a high level of EMC pollution, a cable with an integrated circuit is connected as an adapter between the camera and the trigger source. This improves the electromagnetic compatibility and thus converts a multiple trigger into a single trigger or processes an insufficient signal into a trigger.

Der Trigger Booster von hema electronic ist ein Signalaufbereiter für zuverlässige Trigger-Signale: er verbessert die Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit und reduziert damit Störungen durch Elektromagnetische Interferenzen in der Umgebung von Produktionsanlagen

Special advantage: the Trigger Booster requires no additional supply voltage at the camera trigger input and, with its small design, can be mounted directly on the product.