OptecNet Germany

Lecture at the 3rd OptecNet Germany annual conference in Jena 

hemɑ Managing Director Charlotte Helzle spoke about challenges in laser beam welding

On May 14th and 15th, 2019, the 3rd OptecNet annual conference took place in Jena. About 250 interested visitors were present.

In her presentation "Steel and aluminum car bodies - challenges for quality assurance in laser beam welding", Charlotte Helzle pointed out that quality assurance in laser beam welding is subject to tough requirements - both in terms of physical boundary conditions and the speed and reliability of the processes. If these challenges are taken into account, joining with the laser is fast and effective.

Charlotte Helzle demonstrated what modern quality assurance systems for laser beam welding look like in car body construction today with solutions implemented by hemɑ at Daimler and Volvo. Here, seams on doors, flaps and other body parts are laser welded in a single operation and tested fully automatically with a reliable evaluation of the quality of the connection. This combination, combined with an extremely high reliability in the statement about the strength of the weld, is characteristic for the systems of hemɑ electronic.

Charlotte Helze at the OptecNet Germany