Plan Prepare Perform

Information about the current Corona situation

Let's get ready for the next upswing!

Unfortunately, the current situation forces us to work differently than we are used to - more distance to one another, more digital and more often via video. But that does not stop us from working on your projects. Great projects have the right to be realized - we take care of that.

Every crisis and change also offers opportunities. We are one of the companies that are now making their plans and preparing themselves. That means for you:

  • Ensuring the availability of your contact persons
  • Checking and monitoring the availability of materials for your orders
  • Expansion of the embedded vision platform for your next tasks

Our post-corona program is: Plan, prepare and perform!

Plan your tasks with us in time. The earlier we start, the quicker we will implement them afterwards. Our embedded vision development platform gives you the decisive speed advantage.

Preparation is everything: We literally train our development skills and further prepare our modular building block systems for you. This also includes the expansion of our cooperation with the FPGA experts from Enclustra from 1st May, 2020.

We will deliver your solutions - promised! We develop, procure and manufacture in-house. There is no shorter way to the finished system.

Of course, we take the situation just as seriously as you do. Protective measures and caution in all areas is the order of the day.

Stay healthy and keep working on your ideas. The world needs you.

EMBEDDED VISION - development competence from Aalen