Photo contest

Beautiful and useful

hema employees photographed their highlights from the region in an internal photo competition.

In May, the employees of hemɑ were on the road as photographers.

The internal photo competition, initiated by the management, served to find motifs from the region which, as framed posters, would contribute to the beautification of previously white walls in the area of production and development.The hemɑ staff photographed numerous highlights of the region, such as landscape pictures of the Ostalb, well-known buildings such as Kapfenburg Castle and Baldern Castle or special weather phenomena, thus clearly documenting that the Ostalb does not have to be stingy with its charms.
A total of 27 high-quality and, in the truest sense of the word, "beautiful" pictures were submitted. All employees then voted democratically for the best picture.

The winner can look forward to a dinner for two.

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