RAW.21 Resilience Award 2021

hema as partner of RAW.21

"True innovation, adaptable strategies and effective implementation must go hand-in-hand with corporate and social responsibility. This is the key to a company's success. We are pleased that hema can look back on more than 40 years of healthy growth as a medium-sized and family-owned company. We are happy to share our experience and know-how as a partner of RAW.21 with other companies in the region."

Oliver Helzle, Managing Director hema electronic GmbH, Aalen

Learn more about the Resilience Award RAW.21 and how customers of hema successfully navigate through the crisis with modular solutions and agile collaboration:

"It would be presumptuous to say that we were prepared for the Corona crisis," says Oliver Helzle. "After all, crisis implies that we are facing something unexpected, something that cannot be calculated. And who would have thought back then that we would still be in a crisis today, or even have to accept it as the new normal."

Modular electronics design and flexible collaboration with customers, where individual wishes and requirements determine the level of cooperation, proved to be extremely effective, especially during the Corona crisis. "Many partners were happy to have the support they needed to save the progress of their projects and meet tight schedules," Helzle says. Resilience to changing demands is part of the development concept here. In other ways, too, the entrepreneur relies on flexibility and on involving his employees in all important company decisions.

At hema, too, projects were worked on from the home office. Established digital platforms for exchange and regular project meetings ensure that developments nevertheless progress efficiently and quickly.

"It was also important to us that we remain innovative during the crisis and that even more customers can benefit from our offering," says Oliver Helzle. "That's why we invited people to hema VISION DAYS in June." Presentations and panel discussions alternated with individual technology talks. In addition, the team around Managing Director Helzle organized live tours of development and production, making it possible to experience the company. The concept was convincing: several world market leaders for high-tech electronics accepted the invitation, as did numerous customers and interested parties. Helzle and his team are currently working on a video series that will also provide even better insights into the company.

Successful through the crisis - and on course for growth! Overall, hema has been able to successfully and effectively navigate numerous customers through the crisis.

As a partner of the RAW.21, hema electronic is happy to share its experience and know-how with other companies in the region. This year, the RAW.21 is awarded for the first time by the Wirtschaftsjunioren and the Wirtschaftsclub Ostwürttemberg. The network thus offers companies in Ostwürttemberg a platform in which sustainability, entrepreneurship and cohesion are honored, inspired and celebrated together.

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