Generationenwechsel bei hema electronic: Charlotte Helzle übergibt Geschäftsführung an Ihren Sohn Oliver Helzle

Generation change at hema electronic: Charlotte Helzle hands over management to her son 

For more than 40 years, Charlotte Helzle was the managing director of hema electronic. Now she has handed over sole management to her son Oliver Helzle. This means that the company from Aalen will remain family-run in the future. With this goal in mind, the handover between the generations began more than 10 years ago and has now been successfully completed.

"We always made important decisions together and I am grateful that I always knew my mother was by my side during this time," says Oliver Helzle. He joined the company in 2004, when he successfully completed his degree in industrial engineering, and his mother had been the sole managing director since 1996. Step by step, he took over areas such as project management and project leadership in preparation for the company's succession.

Rejuvenation and growth

In recent years, Oliver Helzle and his mother have gradually built up and rejuvenated the entire management team of hema electronic strategically. Furthermore, the focus is on innovation planning and the development of future executives in order to meet the high demand. hema electronic is continuously growing and is currently looking for employees in development and sales, as well as skilled electronics technicians for the production and testing of its own systems. Quality control and embedded vision solutions from hema electronic are used by Daimler AG and other well-known companies, in special vehicles, drones and medical technology.

Promoting young talent, internally and externally

The company also takes care of promoting young talent outside its own company. Recently, hema electronic put together an educational package for apprenticeship and training, with which highly complex welding processes can be perfectly illustrated via video transmission, whether on a large monitor in the teaching room or in distance learning. There is a lot of interest in this, especially due to the Corona pandemic and the pent-up demand for digitalization in education. "Cameras and smart sensors will accompany and improve our lives in many areas in the future. We support our customers with the latest technologies to bring such solutions to market quickly and safely," says Oliver Helzle.