hema at EALA 2019

EALA 2019: hema presents new quality assurance system

The seam must be tight. This highest quality criterion applies in car body construction for laser welding of steel as well as aluminum. hema electronic presents for the first time at the EALA in Bad Nauheim a quality assurance system for welding of steel and aluminum with the self-developed embedded system seelectorICAM LASER TWIN. With only one robot and laser system and only one inspection system for both materials the combination system allows a maximum of space and cost savings in the production plant as well as an extremely reliable evaluation of the welding seams.

  • A robot plant
  • A laser system
  • One test system
  • Two different materials
  • Extremely precise quality inspection of the weld seams
  • High cost and space savings
Tabletop at the EALA 2019

The seelectorICAM LASER TWIN system takes into account the individual characteristics of the two materials steel and aluminum and combines their quality inspection in a complete system. Depending on the material to be tested, the customer selects the appropriate program. The user interface of the system remains the same for both materials. No modifications to the production system are required. Installation, maintenance and spare parts are only required once.

Aluminum, the lightweight among the materials used in car body construction, is becoming increasingly important in production. However, the requirements for an inspection system for weld seams are different from those for steel. seelectorICAM LASER TWIN meets these requirements with an integrated autonomous, intelligent camera with a sensor that can handle reflections much better than conventional cameras due to its brightness dynamics of up to 170 dB. A defined additional illumination makes the seam to be inspected more visible. With further special features in the procedure and in the algorithms, the new test system from hema electronic thus makes it possible to meet the customer's request for reliable assessment of the seam strength based on the through-weld.

For steel as well as for aluminium. In a single system.


Design and operation of the system

The  seelectorICAM LASER TWIN quality assurance system can be easily integrated into existing production facilities, provided that a laser welding system with scanner head is available. It is usually used for remote-on-the-fly laser welding. Proven scanners include Trumpf PFO 3D and Blackbird intelliWELD. Other processes and scanners can be adapted.

The seelectorICAM LASER TWIN embedded system with intelligent camera and powerful computer enables the evaluation of camera raw data in real time.

The camera uses the optics in the beam path of the laser and has an HDRC image sensor (brightness dynamics up to 170 dB) for strong image contrasts.

The software of the seelectorICAM LASER TWIN system consists of the image acquisition and evaluation software on board the camera and the user software on the PC.

The seelectorICAM LASER TWIN is operated via a convenient user interface. Installed on the PC and available in several languages, password-protected operating options can be set up for different users.

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