Honouring student theses: hema visioneers award enters the next round

The hema visioneers award was presented for the first time at this year's embedded world Exhibition & Conference. Daniel Schick received the award, worth 500 euros, for his bachelor's thesis on "Control Application with Autonomous IP-Core Detection for Xilinx SoCs Running Linux" in the Department of Applied Computer Science at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Representatives from several universities and the partner AMD attended the award ceremony. The hema visioneers award is taking place again this year. Students and young engineers can apply with their theses from now until the end of 2024.

Further information [DE]: www.hema.de/visioneers-award

The aim of the hema visioneers award is to promote and recognise young talent in the STEM sector. In doing so, hema electronic also focuses on its own core competences and awards the prize for final theses on the topics of embedded vision and FPGA technology.

Oliver Helzle, Managing Director of hema electronic, said at the award ceremony with representatives from several universities and the partner company AMD: "The hema visioneers award began with the idea and conviction that outstanding performance in the field of FPGA & embedded systems among students must be recognised and appreciated. It was important to us as a company to make a contribution to young people, to highlight their work and to create many generations of hema visioneers award winners. Tonight we can proudly say that this mission has come to life and is reflected in the exceptional achievements."

Martin Kumm, Professor at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and supervisor of Daniel Schick's thesis, says about the hema visioneers award: "The hema visioneers award addresses the two very exciting topics of FPGAs and embedded vision. Due to their intrinsic and massive parallelism, FPGAs are ideally suited to accelerating parallelisable algorithms very efficiently. These can be found in particular in image and video processing, as required in embedded vision tasks. The realisation of this is by no means straightforward, involves many challenges and therefore requires some creativity. For this reason, I support the competition and am looking forward to interesting submissions."

The hema visioneers award is once again being organised for theses written at universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2024. Cash prizes totalling 1,200 euros as well as extensive funding will be awarded; the special "Woman in Technology" prize recognises special achievements by female students and engineers. As an AMD Adaptive Computing Partner Premier, hema electronic works closely with AMD and other partners to organise the hema visioneers award.