45 years hema electronic

With a company party for employees and their families, hema celebrated the 45th anniversary of the company on 20.10.2023.

The official start of the hema success story was on 01.10.1978, with the registration of the company as Ingenieurbüro hema in the commercial register. The first series orders included devices for Varta for quality assurance in battery production. This was followed by the development of numerous controls and components and, since 1991, the development of products for image processing. Since then, hema has specialised specifically in embedded vision and the development of corresponding electronics. Among its well-known customers are Carl Zeiss, Daimler AG and companies in the optronics and defence industries. Since 2020, hema has been a Xilinx Alliance Program Member and, with the acquisition by AMD, has been named AMD's Adaptive Computing Partner Premier.

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