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Like eyes for your welding robot

Enhanced quality inspection and process monitoring for laser welding

Real-time laser remote welding quality inspection in car body production

Laserscan welding has created phantastic new opportunities in manufacturing. New techniques also lead to new requirements for related processes, such as quality inspection. We used our extensive experience in this area to design the new seelectorICAM LASER system as a comprehensive solution for this task.

While welding robots are in motion, a system of remote optics records high-resolution images of the welding location. Immediately after the completion of the welding process, our software detects defects and provides the results to a control system to take the appropriate actions. Over 100 of these systems are installed in production lines and have proven through their daily work to make the production of car bodies more reliable.

Our customers appreciate the efficient installation, setup and training we provide, as well as the comfortable user interfaces and extensive service functions.

datasheet seelectorICAM LASER Steel

datasheet seelectorICAM LASER Aluminum

Benefits of the system:

  • very high system acceptance on the shop floor
  • reliable fault detection
  • very low false-positive rate
  • system maintenance ist greatly helped by WYSIWYG aspect: raw image and fault detection can be evaluated with the naked eye
  • lower system cost than most process monitoring systems

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seelectorICAM Laser

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